Turn your boring spreadsheets into a powerful growth engine.

Sheet Mind is a no-code solution makes it easy to send Twitter DMs, emails, and SMS texts via spreadsheets in just seconds.

How it works?


spam detection

Spam detection

Concerned that the cold outreach you are doing may be viewed as spam? While you're writing, Sheet Mind uses machine learning to check if your communication might be construed as spam.


Schedule your communication

Compose your message at your leisure and simply schedule the time when it is supposed to be sent. Sheet Mind will do the rest for you.


Link Multiple accounts

Share the quota by linking different accounts. You could, for instance, utilise a separate product account for marketing and your personal account for cold outreach.



You can use tested templates from Sheet Mind for your upcoming cold outreach. You can also store your own templates that you frequently use.


Privacy First

At Sheet Mind, your Privacy is of utmost importance. We make sure that all the data sent, received is secure at all times. We do not store any of your data.


Rule Based Sends

Have lots of data but need to filter before sending? Sheet Mind supports rule based sends that would help you filter data before sending.

Coming Soon

How Sheet Mind helps you automate your communication?

Use Case 1

Automate payment reminders with ease

You can use Sheet Mind to send payment reminders to customers whose payment is due.


Use Case 2

Provide real-time tracking updates

Send tracking updates to your customers for their orders with Sheet Mind.

Use Case 3

Want new clients? Sheet Mind helps market your products and services

Sheet Mind makes marketing through SMS and emails easy by allowing you to send personalized SMS texts and emails to current and prospective customers.


Use Case 4

Never forget to invite your friends and family

Send personalized invitations to your friends and family is easy with Sheet Mind.


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